Learn Network By Solving Problems.

About this Site

This site is all about cloud network troubleshoot quiz.

Why this site?

I started my cloud journey as an engineer around 2010. It was quite easy to test any services because there were lots of resources available and well written. However, I soon noticed these documents are based on either best practices or theoritical hypothesys, and in most cases it cannot be applied directly to the production environment.

Usually for any new service deployment, I follow the official tutorial first. Quality of tutorial depends on which service, but it always consists of best scenario with explanation of each command. It makes me feel comfortable to deploy that service because I can start up the service just following that tutorial.

In the real world though, there are lots of variables we need to figure in.

How can we accumulate real world experience? Of course the best way is to get your hands dirty, and be involved in those project. You would get not only technical experience but also project skills, which is an essential skills as an engineer. However, if your objective is concentrating on technical experience, do troubleshoot. The messier the better.

Trouble, would happen anywhere anytime. However it is usually not featured in any tutorial. Trouble could involve any levels, ranging from user operation up to service. You need deep understanding of services and sometimes even user operation to resolve the issues. It cannot be done just reading the best practices.

In this site, I created quiz for you to isolate the problem. In some quiz, you might not have what you want to check, but you should be able to solve all the quiz just from the resources what I provide. It is somehow intentional to simulate some real world experience -- user would not give us all the clues what we want.

Your task

Your task is to spot the configuration mistake. You are given network diagram and screenshot of the cloud provider console.

Terraform configuration files are provided for you so that you can play by yourself, it's not mandatory to solve the problem though.

All ip addresses in the images are ephemeral and only used to make this quiz, and they are no longer accessible.